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 Interior Design and Remodeling Fees

The fees mentioned below are listed to give a general idea of cost, but do not necessarily apply to every project.  We recognize the need for customized pricing options and combination fee plans for many client's who may not have a fully defined scope or budget in place.

Hourly Rate

​An hourly rate fee agreement is billed at $125 per hour ($150 per hour outside Beltway 8) for all consultative, decorating, and design services including the initial consultation and requires a project retainer or deposit.


​Depending on the total amount of the overall project budget, a percentage fee will be contracted at 20% to 30%, sliding scale. Percentage-based fees are offered on projects with a minimum overall budget of $30,000+ inclusive of all construction, furnishing, and lighting costs.  Terms usually include a fee schedule with a retainer or deposit of 50% of the estimate.

Flat Rate

​Flat rate contracts, when warranted, are proposed after the initial consultation and are subject to a proposal preparation fee and a deposit of 30-50%.

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