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Home Staging Fees

Consultations booked for all home staging projects require payment in advance and are subject to minimum fees. In addition, both staging project and rental fees can apply to Partial-Staging and some Re-design projects. Staging days are scheduled after the initial consultation. Please contact us with any questions regarding our staging services or fees.

Occupied Home Staging


Redesign staging assists a homeowner with hands-on staging of their home using mostly their own furnishings and accessories. A Redesign consultation is required prior to an occupied home staging. Our constultation addresses your property's staging needs with a room-by-room assesment.  We make recommendations on how best to make your home market-ready for sale through staging.  It is important to note that this type of staging is not the same service as

personal interior decorating. Consider it more of a strategic marketing plan.  The goal is to make your home appeal to the greatest number of buyers resulting in the most showings which lead to the highest and fastest offers in- hand.  The consultation will likely last from 2 hours and requires an advance payment of a consultation fee of $250.  

Vacant Home Staging


Partial-Staging is the most affordable way to stage a vacant home as it greatly lessons furnishing rental fees.  Small vingettes or "scenes" are created by staging foundational areas of the home, such as fireplace mantels and hearths, kitchen counters, box windows, etc.  Minimal to no furniture is used, but plenty of accessories set the stage.  This option has a powerful impact for the right home.  Accessories and limited furniture pieces can either be purchased or rented and staging day is billed at an hourly rate or a flat fee depending on contract agreement decided apon during consultation.  An on-site project consultation is required with a minimum of one hour paid in advance for a fee of $120.  Prior to project commencement a deposit is required.  


Full-Staging is the most effective method of staging a vacant property for sale. Project and Rental fees will apply to this type of staging.  A proposal is required and created based on the scope of the project.


Pre-Flip Consultations


​Renovating your home?  New to the real estate investment business? Perhaps, you learned during your last flip that hiring a professional for product selection or overall design would have increased profit earned.  Let us help you make the best product selections and rehab choices for your market area based upon your budget in the pre-renovation stage -- when it assures the most consistancy in design and is least costly.  Paint colors, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, cabinets and counter-tops, lighting fixtures, flooring, and more - leaving all these selections to us is money well-spent!

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